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Pearls have shown me the way

Mmm…looks like an easy enough explanation:


I’m not a morning person

If you don’t know me…then may I introduce my alter ego…RAT:

Pearls before swine, Rat

Pearls before Swine is probably the best short panel comic out there.

New comic out today

So I’ve been playing around with Toondoo’s comic creator and been enjoying it maybe a tad too much. But I never new it could be so much fun making fun of yourself and you own life. OK fine, it may not always be politically correct and maybe only funny to myself and the few friends I have (once again, I do actually have friends). But it is still nothing compared to Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine! and his blog is also one of the best I’ve read in a while :

So if you are bored, go take a look at my own….then again, you should be really bored:

Stupidity needs a SLAP!!

I hate seeing people doing stupid things.

You know, those things that you could have seen coming a mile away, and once it happens, its all: “oh-no, how did this happen??” and “What the hell just happened?”.

I could help, but would rather wait for it to happen and just give them a slap there after. Monty Python’s flying circus had the best idea. It was an armored knight with a rubber chicken that would appear right after some one did something stupid, and slap them. Right over the head with the rubber chicken.

Or we can do the following, get a ‘No Stupiding’ sign and whack people over the head with it when they are stupid or you see it comming.

Either way, I like both ideas. So it boils down to which is cheaper. A rubber chicken can be concealed as well, were as a sign is not that easy, but at least they will think before doing something stupid when they see it.