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Jeep TJ Overhead Center Console

I recently mounted my CB radio in the Jeep in a practical but ugly spot. It is one of those small 5W CB radios so I could fit it between the sports bar and the roof. This had to change.

The image below shows the mounting I had in place. Crappy picture, but clear enough to see how it looks.

<oh no…the pre installation picture went missing>

So I thought of various mounting spots and thought how about an overhead center console?

Here is my initial cardboard prototype of where I’m going with this:

So I started drawing it up on a piece of MDF, cut it out and glued some of it.

Here’s an image of the work in progress. Still need to get the edges right and get some goles for the cables.


Next I cut out holes for cables and the antenna.

 All glued but, but some hard edges. Need to get some wood filler and some rubber lining. 


I ende up using Rustolium for a rubber coating. I think duplicolour would have worked better.

The installation was a bitch. But mostly done. Just have to mount the microphone holder.

I think a pretty good outcome for someone that is only half handy with tools.


My Pepper’s Ghost Build

I recently posted about using an inverted pyramid like object to reflect a display and simulate a holographic image. So I got my hands on some acetone sheets and started building.

Not overly complicated. I used the schematics of the build in the previous post to build one for a phone and then doubled it up for an iPad.

End result:

Looked pretty good I think.

More photos from the #PeppersGhost illusion on the #iPad

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More photos from the #PeppersGhost illusion on the #iPad

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My first instructable


I’ve always been a fan of the site so I thought I post a little something on there as well. It is not as comprehensive as some of the instructions on there, but I thought I’d give it a go and test out the ease of use of their interface. This will all be very important when I put up my detailed plan for world domination.


Anyway, my instructable at this point was  a simple, converting music format from one format to another. i.e. m4a to mp3.

It can be found here:

The DIY air rifle that will never be

I’ve finished two electric guitars and thought I’d need something new to build. Since I was little I wanted to build a potato cannon! And now that I’m of legal age and have money to buy the material. That is what I’ll build.

I even had a design…look:

Air rifle T-model

The material required:

1. PVC pipes and cement

2. Air hose extension with trigger.

3. and a bicycle pump.

The  type that looks like this:

Steps of easy assembly:

1. Cut of the pump’s foot stands.

2. Cut of one of the handles so it makes an L-shape.

3. Fix pump to PVC barrel.

4. Fix barrel to air trigger.

5. Build a compression chamber from PVC

6. Connect compression chamber to air inlet of trigger.

7. Put a bicycle valve in bottom of compression chamber

8. Connect with pump.

BOOM! pump action air rifle.

But there is a problem…..

In Australia, air rifles are banned. That’s right….all types of airsoft, paintball or bb-guns are banned. You need a weapon permit for it.

Under the following law: