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Custom Bike Builder Website Concept

Sometimes I wonder why I studied Engineering and not something useful like website design and building. It would have made little things like creating an awesome Custom Bike Builder website a lot easier. Now I’m stuck with all these ideas but fail to execute.

The concept:

A Custom Bike Builder website/mobile app that allows the user to mock-up their vision.


The Scenario(s):

1. You look at your bike and think, what would I do if I could redo it all? Tear it down and rebuild to my heart’s desire.

2. You made an impulse purchase of an SR400 frame and start wondering how you can make this beast look good!


The Idea:

The image below shows the main idea behind what an app/website would look like on an iPad. A simple interface for big man hands to drag and drop the parts to the rotatable display area.

You add a frame of your choice from the selection to the right, then start adding the other bits like an engine, wheels, exhausts etc. Maybe even add some ‘anchor points’ to a frame which should allow the user to stretch out some bits like the suspension, seat area, swing arm etc.

This virtual ideal bike does not have to be real, it does not need to run, it just needs to fulfill the user’s vision of what a build could look like. How about adding a Kitana engine to a monkey or posty bike? Or add Harley wheels to Kawa?

Here it is (click on image to see it in all it’s drawn glory)


Needless to say the app would have some proper 3D graphics and not pencil drawings as you see here. Below is another image with some description bits to confuse you even more explain what all the bits are for.

For example the wheel in the air is an action shot of a part being dragged and dropped in the right place. Granted that it should fail because you probably need forks to act as anchor points before you can connect a wheel up.


Lastly I have to give credit to a site that gave me the idea.

It has some nice features like select from a wide variety, but it is an old school 2D website. And there is no ability to drop suspension, stretch or shorten frame. What about rotating parts I.e rotate the muffler upwards or straighten it out?

But a good start none the less.




The evolution of a custom bike

Not too long ago I bought as an old (’99) VN800 cruiser with the idea to chop and change it a bit into a bobber. It was a good looking bike to start off with but it had seen better days with some sea air rust.

Here is a before:

So I started the build with some minor changes including the rear fender, seat, bars and mirrors.
The interim would result in something along these lines:

The old bike stayed this way until a bit of a head clash with the NSW authorities at which point it was reverted to stock state.

After saving enough spare cash, which included robbing two bottle stores and grabbing at least three old ladies purses, I took the bike to Evolution Motorsports to finish it up to close to legal. And here be the results: