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Internet comments – To read or not to read

I have to start by saying that I’ve stopped reading comments on articles, blogs and in general. I found that most comments are negative, trolling and not funny or informative at all. But sometimes you come across a simple comment or reply that might be a single liner that is just gold.

I came across a link from Derren Brown’s Facebook page.

And I remembered that he explained the problem in one of his books I read 


So I followed the link and as the very smart lady started explaining the problem…

My goldfish-like attention span started to wonder and I started scrolling down to the comment sections.


I thought I’d explain the comments that made made me chuckle, but then again, I can just leave it here.



if you still don’t get it, I recommend you watch the movie Se7en.



Now this post was not that informative, I have to agree, but as I find more of these gold bits, I might just add them. Then again, as mentioned, I don’t really read comments so tend not to notice the best ones.