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All in a day’s work

Yesterday we had an interesting work day….well partially interesting anyway.

It started off with coding, talking, reviewing, more code and suddenly it all came to a screeching halt when the power went out.

This happened once before, but that time the building’s generator kicked in. So while I was running round opening server rooms’ doors so it wouldn’t get to hot in there and trying to figure out where the KVM console is in the dark through screaming UPS alarms, the HR manager was phoning the building manager to find out what is going on.

Apparently a power generator needs diesel… … …

After all the servers died and we were left sitting and doing nothing, one of my colleagues turned to me and said: “You wanna arm wrestle?”. With nothing else to do, I said: “pfft…ok”.

We there we were sitting in the kitchen ready to arm wrestle. And when we started I couldn’t stop laughing. It must have been a funny scene. Two men working on computers most of the day trying to arm wrestle. One of them all red faced trying to budge the other’s arm. The other…me…laughing and winning… first the right, then the left.



Internet down?

I have this general problem…when one of my favourite websites go down for an unknown reason, I would sit there and press the refresh button…continuously until I’m bored or remember another site I have to visit.

I know this will not actually get the website up and running again, but inface could cause more traffic to their servers….o well…refresh…