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Another #blastfromthepast. The old #bobber I built and sold. I miss this bike.


The evolution of a custom bike

Not too long ago I bought as an old (’99) VN800 cruiser with the idea to chop and change it a bit into a bobber. It was a good looking bike to start off with but it had seen better days with some sea air rust.

Here is a before:

So I started the build with some minor changes including the rear fender, seat, bars and mirrors.
The interim would result in something along these lines:

The old bike stayed this way until a bit of a head clash with the NSW authorities at which point it was reverted to stock state.

After saving enough spare cash, which included robbing two bottle stores and grabbing at least three old ladies purses, I took the bike to Evolution Motorsports to finish it up to close to legal. And here be the results:


Thumper has been re-re-converted


Thumper hasĀ  been re-re-converted.

A while ago I converted Thumper to a bobber. A bobber, described in Wikipedia, is a custom motorcycle that usually has had the front fender removed, the rear fender “bobbed” or made smaller, and all superfluous parts removed to make it lighter. I on the other hand did not remove the front fender but did strip the bike of the stock rear fender and seat, added a custom fender, spring seat and some custom lights, including Cadillac style indicators.

This however did not last long. Some where in all the posts there is an over dramatised story of how I couldn’t get the bike “pink slipped” and had to convert Thumper back to its stock form, excluding the exhausts and the bars. It was a sad day indeed.

But after ordering more parts, including an extra rear fender, a better looking tail light and receiving the bobber styled front fender as a gift from the old lady, I decided it was time to re-re-convert the bike. So this weekend I spent a few hours down in the garage getting Thumper all bobbed out and here are the results…for now.

And the wires:

What is left to do. Well the idea is simple. Get the bike to a professional to extend the rear fender with the extra fender and get it painted. Also to get the front fender painted and maybe the tank.

Thumper’s new bib

Yip, a bib.
Not much to say here…I added a bib. That’s pretty much it.
Not to mention the difficult time I had to fix it under the custom seat.

Thumper, the bobber build

Here we go again, another project and too much time on my hands…so I thought…now it is another project with not so much time and not so much money.

It started when I told a friend that he should think about building his own bike up…which got me starting to think about getting another bike and change it.

How about getting a cruiser and make it a bobber. Easier said than done. I know about bikes, I know how an engine should work, but I really don’t know the full ins and outs. So the build should be simple, yes…

Anyway. I got a relative cheap 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. The one with the fat front tire.

So a before pic is in order:

So this is the before pic

At this point I removd the handlebars and thought best to cover the tank.

Removed the heat shield and wrapped the exhaust.

Next would be to strip the bike some more and wire up the indicators and seat panels.

Wiring all done, now fix the seat.

Adding the rear fender was not a breeze

Done for now!

Still a few things I would like to do:
1. Strip the badges,
2. Get a smaller front fender
3. Paint whole bike matte black