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Another #blastfromthepast. The old #bobber I built and sold. I miss this bike.


Faith in humanity lost – a bit

Today I had to park my bike a few meters away from its usual location. This usually indicates that something bad is going to happen during the day. You see, I’m a creature of habit.

The day went surprisingly fine, until I got back to my bike and realised the saddlebags are open. I never leave them open. So I knew what I would find next, or wouldn’t find. My gloves were stolen. They are not even that great. But they were a gift from my dad.

So tomorrow I will leave a note in my saddlebags to the thieves if they wish to return for more loot. In the note I state my deep sadness at the lost and the reward I will leave (them) if they return my gloves.

I say (them) in the last sentence because I have my suspicions. When I walked to the train station from where I park, I saw two homeless men (friends) having a bit of a hardy conversation at the coffee shop. They then ventured down the path where I park my bike a few meters away from its normal spot next to some cars. 

I’m just glad that I didn’t get back to my bike on its side, as was my first through when I saw them walk that way.

Airborne Indian

I love bikes, I think I’ve mentioned it before…not sure. But the there is not a lot that calms my nerves than the low thump of a cruiser. Sometimes you see a posed picture with Steve McQueen and you think, ‘Yeah, he’s having fun’. Then you see a picture of an unknown rider doing hill climbs with an old flathead. Awe…

Air Borne Indian

“I carried my camera everywhere in the trunk of my -32 roadster. One day I ran across this guy riding his Indian motorcycle up a steep cliff wall at an old dumpsite in southwest Los angeles.
I couldnt believe what this guy was doing with his heavy flathead indian. He repeted this feat again and again. Thank goodness,because it gave me an opportunity to catch him completly suspended in the air before wrestling his machine back to earth.
One of the main things I remember about this hillclimb was the sound – the roar of his flatheadmotor echoed from the hillside cavern.He would dash up from the pit into the air with his bike, then back down to earth with his flathead motor still popping.
Where is this Indian rider today? He may still be alive today about 80 years old – If, ofcourse he survived stunts like this!”

The safest bicycle in the world

In a recent article the author described all the features a safe bike should have…preassembled and self assembled bikes should at least have the following:

All bikes sold in Australia must include protective guards, reflectors, brakes and some form of warning device (such as a horn or bell). If a bike or bike kit you see on sale doesn’t include those, then don’t purchase it.

Reflectors and breaks are standard and only a fool won’t have those. But what about the other features?
So let’s start with a standard bike and build the safest one in the world.
Here is the standard one (crappy iPad drawing):

crappy bike drawing

We’ll add horns to let people in front of you know you mean business:

bike horns

Now we’ll add a light…I was surprised that this wasn’t on the list of safety features:

bike light

Notice how I had to put the light under the bike, main reason isn’t the two bull horns that might take the light’s space, but I thought putting it lower gives a cooler under glow look.

I know they say horn/bell but why not add both. so we’ll include a bell as well:

bike bell

Lastly is the main safety feature that any bike should have. A protective guard:

bike guard

Frankenstein all these together and you are left with the safest bike in the world:

safest bike in the world

I should really patent these under FartNose Productions. But not sure where I’m going to get the medieval guard. Still a brilliant idea.

*All drawings were done on an iPad….still getting use to it.

Formal complaint and bikes

This is a formal complaint…and the complaint is that I have nothing to write here.

That’s right…If you are one of the sorry people to read this, you will notice from the time stamps on the posts, that my life is so boring that I have nothing to brag/post/rant about for the past few months.

So I decided to go through a quarter life crisis and buy myself a new bike. A brand spanking new bike…with some trimmings. But what to buy….

I like speed bikes…to look at. I like cruisers to stare at…What would fit my posture and personality? Yup, I do think that a bike should fit the rider’s personality. So I decided to look at what I had.

I had a good old Suzuki GS550 :

Mine had a custom exhaust (which fell off a few times) and black mirrors. But it had my personality; It didn’t start in the mornings, it broke down at rather odd intervals, made a lot of noise, and didn’t want to leave my (at that time) girlfriend’s house. Oh…and the neighbours really didn’t like it.

All that said, I loved the old bike. So I want to get  something similar, minus a lot of the issues. One feature which did help was a lot, was that I liked the retro look and feel of the GS550.  It was a comfortable ride. So in that case, there was only one place to look. Triumph!

No that is not an outburst of  jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty; it isn’t the bra brand either…that is the name of the bike brand I will be looking at.

If fact…I’ve narrowed down my search to one type. The Triumph Scrambler:

Yes…I know what you are thinking…that is the best looking bike that you’ve ever seen, and how good will it look with me riding it!!! Fucking Awesome!

And..there is even space for someone to ride with me…wink-wink, nudge-nudge.