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Taking the dog to the beach 

I’ve only recently attempted an early morning beach visit with Brutus my dog ūüź∂. 

Some photos from our second visit. 

Not a bad way to spend the morning. 


Some Stats

Lets start with the SA Rand vs Aus dollar… Now doesn’t that look sad..

Stats of the Rand vs AusDollar

but wait…there is more.

  • This ¬†release ¬†uses ¬†the ¬†cohort-component ¬†method ¬†to ¬†estimate ¬†the ¬†2007 ¬†mid-year population ¬†of ¬†South ¬†Africa. ¬†Provincial ¬†estimates ¬†are ¬†based ¬†on ¬†the ¬†latest ¬†available boundary information obtained from the Demarcation Board.
  • The ¬†2007 ¬†mid-year ¬†population ¬†is ¬†estimated ¬†at ¬†approximately ¬†47,9 ¬†million ¬†of ¬†which approximately 24,3 million (51%) is female.
  • Kwazulu-Natal has the largest share of the South African population. About 21% of the population lives in this province.
  • Life ¬†expectancy ¬†at ¬†birth ¬†is ¬†estimated ¬†at ¬†approximately ¬†49 ¬†years ¬†for ¬†males ¬†and ¬†52 years for females. Life expectancy at birth is highest in the Western Cape and lowest in Kwazulu-Natal.
  • The ¬†estimated ¬†overall HIV-prevalence ¬†rate ¬†is approximately ¬†11%. ¬†The ¬†HIV ¬†positive population is estimated at approximately 5,3 million.
  • The infant mortality rate (IMR) is estimated at 45,2 per 1000.

Population Groupings

  • Aficans – 38 079 900
  • Coloured – 4 245 000
  • Indian/Asian – 1 173 700
  • White – 4 352 100

Go karting done

So for the first time in years I went go-karting and was it fun!

I was not the slowest on the track as I suspected I would be, but def not the fastest.

that is me!

So that is me…number 16, ready to race.

Overtaking on outside

And there I go overtaking on the outside.

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish al fouth heats of the race. I had a throbbing headache, which the karting didn’t help, and my knees didn’t want to work as they should.

But alas, it was great fun and I’m just happy I got away with all my body parts as the end of the race was dominated with spinnes and collisions.

Bags are packed, ready to go. (almost)

So things have been going wild the past few days.

I got married to a beautiful lady on the 16th of Feb and when we returned from honeymoon, the orginization started for the moving to Australia.

Tickets are booked, most people said their farewells with a stream of tears and in a few days we are flying.

Yip, the 6th of March we will be flying high over the seas.

Now what awaits? Getting a job in Aus. Got a few people lined up, so we will se what happens there. Hopefully it will not be to long before the money starts rolling in.

Last day until the new beginning

So it is my last day on the job…and yes, even though I’m writing here, I do have a bit of work left.

Mixed feelings…but to see a company go from Hero to zero in less than a year makes it easier to go. Negativity is ruling most of the employees and the management does (maybe) not realise this or are just to blind to see it.

Sad but true….I haven’t received a payslip in ..mmm….5 months…that doesn’t mean I didn’t get paid, but still…little things that must happen…is just not happening. Another thing…there is no milk to make coffee!!!!

But all said and done, I did receive experience that is more valuable than a pay slip. I’ll miss the people.

And now a lot more to happen before we leave for OZ.

Speed bump

So we encountered a little speed bump…

We were informed that the lady’s Visa application is ready and she needs to go to the Aus embassy to get it stamped into the passport. One problem…mine is not.

Apparently they haven’t received my X-rays yet…we thought that is a tad odd, since my X-rays and the lady’s was in the same folder sent to them. Signed, received and attached to the forms they received because all my information is already on their systems.

We replied to them with the above mentioned information and are now waiting for a more informative response from their side.

Hopefully we will not need to do another X-ray and send it again since that will add another 4 weeks of stress and waiting.

Martial Arts: Starting anew.

I did Northern long fist for 5 months before the whole relocating to Australia.  I decided to continue my training in OZ and even sought out a few Kung Fu schools that closely resembles the system I started with.

Yesterday I thought about it again. I’m young and have been exposed only to one art form. Why not try the others and see which suits my needs of training best? I’ll even go so far as to say that I’m currently looking at Japanese martial art forms like Aikido, Hapkido and some branches of karate. A wise choice?? I don’t know. But why not take a chance and try?