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Origami Dinosaurs

I haven’t dabbled in origami for ages. Last year I got a set of papers and instructions. After my kid insisted I use it, I ended up folding a pteranodon and a T-rex.


Welcome to TheThumper

I’ve made a recent move from wordpress to my own domain. Dedicated to my bike…named Thumper.

Schrödinger’s Cat is either alive or dead

Just a thought…
Schrödinger’s Cat theory can be made redundant by including a nightvision live streaming video cam to the content of the box.

Thumper’s new bib

Yip, a bib.
Not much to say here…I added a bib. That’s pretty much it.
Not to mention the difficult time I had to fix it under the custom seat.

Talking BS in no time at all

Right, it has been a while since I posted something, so I thought I’d just copy and paste something instead.

A recent conversation I had with Nelson Muntz (you might remember him from insightful conversations like Santa is Satan):

TvZ: fng hell…Bulletstorm, $89 at jb and $108 at ebgames
Nelson Muntz: yeah.. NEVER buy from eb..
Nelson Muntz: i always buy from jb now..
Nelson Muntz: every now and then BigW is cheaper…
Nelson Muntz: but in general, JB’s one of the cheapest
TvZ: how can eb justify $20?
Nelson Muntz: why would they need to justify it?
Nelson Muntz: idiots want to give them more $$$, why not? 😀
Nelson Muntz: let me guess, you just paid 108 at EB? 😀
TvZ: nope
TvZ: looking for a game to play next week
TvZ: either bulletstorm or killzone
TvZ: big killzone fan though
Nelson Muntz: you need something like cooking mama or animal farm so your arteries dont pop
Nelson Muntz: i have bad ticker, but you have dodgy arteries…
TvZ: meaningless violence calms me down…it is sitting in an office that doesn’t help
Nelson Muntz: you are free to squat? or stand?
Nelson Muntz: oh.. have i told you?
Nelson Muntz: at one of my friend’s job
TvZ: they get to kill people?
TvZ: with spoons?
Nelson Muntz: someone in his office just suddenly start rolling on the ground and cried nonstop… for 30 mins
Nelson Muntz: in the middle of the day..
TvZ: anti climax
TvZ: but odd
Nelson Muntz: very odd
Nelson Muntz: ended up calling the ambulance and everything..
TvZ: Was that the start of another House episode?
Nelson Muntz: lol
TvZ: I can almost hear the theme music
TvZ: and the whack of a cane

There you go…some reading that will make you wonder why you’ve just spent 2 minutes of your life reading it and make you re-evaluate what you do on the internet.

Still here…

I’m not gone yet…I have been busy working on my new project at home and this one is going to be good. That is if I don’t blow it up at first go.
I’ve had so many trips to the hardware shop, that some of the employees think I’m an inspector, since I never know what I’m looking for and just wonder through the isles.
That and I’ve been buying power tools, just to realise that they require batteries and chargers that would amount to buying a brand new chorded power tool of the same type. Damn you Ryobi…

Becoming a celebrity

I generally don’t like people….I know the feeling is probably not mutual (probably is)….wait, there was a story in here somewhere.

O yeah…I don’t like people and a lot of them. So needless to say, a shopping mall is like a mini hell to me. People everywhere. People falling into mall-syndrome. That is where they go utterly stupid as soon as they walk into a mall and do things like stop right in front of you, or walk in zig-zag in front of you, feel that you have the need to listen to their conversations over the phone, etc etc etc….

So I complain every time I see a mall, see people, have to go to a shopping centre … in general. So after listening to endless complaints from my side, my wife turned to me and said….you need to become a celebrity, so they can clear the shopping centres for you to be all alone.

Now that idea I like!!!

Only problem with being a celebrity (apart from their personalities) is that you still need to interact with people. Media talks, photos and then some.

So I need to become a celebrity that doesn’t need to talk to any one who can go to a shopping centre and get it cleared to be able to shop alone.

Apart from that, I’m easy to please….oh….just one more thing, I would like my water to be 16 degrees exactly.