The Geek Biker

Rambles of a geek that rides a bike

The dog beach

I don’t tend to take my dog to the beach that often because other dogs tend not to appreciate Brutus’ eagerness to play. But he loves it at the waters.


Wombat hair cut

Every time my kid gets a new project We end up looking after it. So it is nothing but fair for me to have a little bit of fun as well. Say hello to Pyramid haired wombat.

Origami Dinosaurs

I haven’t dabbled in origami for ages. Last year I got a set of papers and instructions. After my kid insisted I use it, I ended up folding a pteranodon and a T-rex.

The pig cannot unsee… 

Some things cannot be unseen. 

Taking the dog to the beach 

I’ve only recently attempted an early morning beach visit with Brutus my dog 🐶. 

Some photos from our second visit. 

Not a bad way to spend the morning. 

A Toy Water Hole – WIP

My kid loves animals. Every day we are either drawing animals or playing animals or making animal sounds. We use an IKEA big blue bag as water for the animals to drink. A sad picture. So I thought I’d build a new one.

The idea was simple, create a waterhole mold from cardboard, patch it up with paper mache and then paint. This is a work in progress, but here is what I started with.

0c2304ae-572f-478f-9a96-3a10e4647141Next I needed some paper strips:


Ans lastly, throw the paper into 1/2 wood glue – 1/2 water. (The quick and cheat why to do paper mache.

First round done:


Small problem…I didn’t take into account cardboard warp if it goes wet. 😦


South African Motorway 

Luckily for the guy on the back we were only doing around 120kmph. #southafrica #nofear

Daddy’s Shoes

There are a few moments when playing with your kid that you realise and remember that mot only ate kids fun but we also have a huge responsibility to raise them right.

Today was one of those moments when the kid tried my shoes on.


Live Jeep Stats

Part of building an overhead console was to get some live stats of my Jeep as I drive. To do that I required an ODB2 reader. 

I bought the ELM327 which is very cheap and thought I would give it a go.

Plugged it in and started the car up.


Next I paired an old Android phone to the ELM and that was it.

Below is a picture of it running. I just need to play around with the display and figure out what I want to display.


Triumphs ride

Taking the two #triumph bikes for a spin and a pint at the #IndianOceanBrewingCompany