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A Toy Water Hole – WIP

My kid loves animals. Every day we are either drawing animals or playing animals or making animal sounds. We use an IKEA big blue bag as water for the animals to drink. A sad picture. So I thought I’d build a new one.

The idea was simple, create a waterhole mold from cardboard, patch it up with paper mache and then paint. This is a work in progress, but here is what I started with.

0c2304ae-572f-478f-9a96-3a10e4647141Next I needed some paper strips:


Ans lastly, throw the paper into 1/2 wood glue – 1/2 water. (The quick and cheat why to do paper mache.

First round done:


Small problem…I didn’t take into account cardboard warp if it goes wet. 😦



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