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Codename One and me

Codename One

I’ve had an idea for an app for a while now but didn’t know where to start to get it written. I’ve been a coder for a while but limited to Java, Delphi and some other languages that are not commonly used for app development.

I know Delphi (RAD Studios) now allow coding web apps (so they claim) but I’m not going to pay the RAD studio license fees to play around with an idea. I checked a second ago and Delphi XE7 is $5400 (AUD) for a new user. So what alternatives are there since some major players kicked Java to the curb? Do I start from scratch and try to learn HTML5 or what ever flavour of C mobile apps use today?

So after some investigation I came across Codename One. Claim I can write in JAVA and build on there uber servers that will automagically create my app. So I’m giving it a go.

Downloaded as a plugin to Netbeans (I’m not that experienced with Netbeans) I kicked it over and it ran. There is some getting use to but pretty straight forward. I did struggle today to do a simple String.format(). After some more reading I found out that Codename One uses a subset of Java and that not all the libraries can be included.

So I’ve created my login screen, my ‘create a pin’ screen and using a template for the main application navigation. I still have to figure out how to properly encrypt the pin in the database. The subset that Codename One is using does not have the Security and various other libraries that you would need to do a simple hash. So I looked at ‘bouncycastle‘ library. But not figured out how to get it working properly.

All in good time.

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