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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Your life narrated

I saw this yesterday and thought it was hilarious. ┬áThen I thought, wait a sec, what if someone looked at me through a narrator’s camera…”This is the moment this guy is writing about his life being narrated…”


Where have I been?!?

Well this is a bit of an eye opener… WordPress sent me this very nice generated “your year in blogging” and I realised that I complete forgot about this blog thingy.
Abandoned like a christmas jumper on new year’s eve.
Shame on me.
I’ll have to get back into it.

I’ve done a lot since I last posted about the irony of the origins of the fire hydrant. I’ll start making a list, checking it twice, see which posts are naughty or nice, and then get off my lazy behind and post a thing or two.