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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Cold – Day 4

Day 4 and it is not looking any better. Sleeping with a steaming pot next to the bed dosed with eucalyptus drops gave temporary relief during the night. But The Cold is back this morning. With Vengeance.

I’ve resolved to cold medicine and an immune booster. Big mistake. Now I just bletch garlic that would put the Smaug’s fire-breathing look like a morning breeze rustling through daisies.

I can only assume that who ever conjured up this immune booster is also a vampire slayer and I fear for any night walkers in my close vicinity. And I don’t mean those sparkly teenager wet dream vampires, but rather the good old Bram Stoker’s fiend of old.


The Cold – Day 3

Day 3…it is still here.

It started with a sniff and no one cared. It was seen as a leave in the breeze. It will blow away. But it didn’t.

The progression of this anomaly now known as ‘The Cold’ was faster than expected. It came as sudden as the stomach intruder came and past. It was mostly blamed on the reduced immune system. The Cold lay in waiting, not moving. Staying out of sight, out of mind.

But as soon as it saw the gap in, it sprang into action. The Stomach Intruder a mere distraction to the system. It grew in numbers and took hold of the throat.

Most of the immune system is back on guard and fighting The Cold. But it still prevails.