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Project Jeeves: Google Code

I have posted previously about Project Jeeves. The digital butler I coded. I decided to halt the coding and put it out there for the world to enjoy. It is downloadable here:

A warning and note as usual. I’ve developed this in my own time with no attention to detail/comments/structure. It was purely developed as I found solutions to problems I faced.

Here is the description I’ve added to Google’s site:

Started with me playing around with java code.


  • Script-able actions on input commands
  • TCP input service
  • Voice recognition input service
  • Text to Speech output using Google text to speech
  • Text to Speech using local libraries if internet is unavailable
  • Serial (USB) output to control servos.
  • A minimalistic GUI
  • A web remote gui that was never finished.
  • Web camera interaction
  • Arduino -to-IR LED interaction to interact with remote driven devices. i.e. TVs, Radios etc.

Services hooked up

  • Gmail interaction. Read and act on emails
  • Google calendar interaction. Read appointments
  • News service reader
  • Weather service reader.
  • MP3 player.
  • Exchange rate reader

Jeeves also

  • Tells simple jokes
  • Give ‘random’ comments and feedback

Screen shot of minimal GUI initialising:

Screen shot of minimal GUI interaction response:

I almost forgot, there is even some code in there to act on a servo when Jeeves talks. I hooked this up to a 3D printed skull’s jaw. So each time Jeeves starts talking, the skull’s jaw moves.

Two videos of the skull (Geoff Jr) moving via a 2.4GHz controller which I replaced with the Jeeves servo controller:


Dev blog write ups


An example of a greeting script


An example of scripting the webcamera to take picture after a countdown


2 responses to “Project Jeeves: Google Code

  1. Reinhardt January 20, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    Right ho, Jeeves! Splendid job!

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