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Faith in humanity lost – a bit

Today I had to park my bike a few meters away from its usual location. This usually indicates that something bad is going to happen during the day. You see, I’m a creature of habit.

The day went surprisingly fine, until I got back to my bike and realised the saddlebags are open. I never leave them open. So I knew what I would find next, or wouldn’t find. My gloves were stolen. They are not even that great. But they were a gift from my dad.

So tomorrow I will leave a note in my saddlebags to the thieves if they wish to return for more loot. In the note I state my deep sadness at the lost and the reward I will leave (them) if they return my gloves.

I say (them) in the last sentence because I have my suspicions. When I walked to the train station from where I park, I saw two homeless men (friends) having a bit of a hardy conversation at the coffee shop. They then ventured down the path where I park my bike a few meters away from its normal spot next to some cars. 

I’m just glad that I didn’t get back to my bike on its side, as was my first through when I saw them walk that way.


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