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Puppy eyed T-Rex paper illusion

I like this one, it is a simple yet effective optical illusion. First see the video below then I’ll spoil it with the how-to:

The illusion is all in the mind. You cut out and fold the T-Rex and once done, you’ll realise that something is a miss, the face is turned inside out. When you close one eye and look at the T-Rex, your brain is trying to make order out of the disorder. In other words, trying to make out the 3D object by using one eye which does not allow 3D viewing….I’m confusing myself…You can only see 3D through both eyes. When you close one, then your brain tries to compensate for the lack of 3D viewing pleasure.

To make it yourself, cut out the T-Rex below and fold according to the plans of the dragon. Or print out the dragon, either way.



After typing all of this up, I looked into its origins and found a lot more:

Well done sir!


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