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Project Jeeves – The Digital Butler

I have started a new project and this one has kept me quite busy the past week after hours. A digital butler.

When I started this project I thought about the different names for the butler as it will define it. It will do what I ask and respond accordingly. There are a few historical butlers that I thought I might build from.

There is Alfred, the butler of Master Bruce. The problem with Alfred is that he is the moral backbone of Batman. Mine will have little morals as I doubt that I’ll be able to code that convincingly.

Then there is also Jarvis…yeah…I’m no Tony Stark.

So I need a butler who is silent, do as his told and edges his master in the right direction without him knowing. That leaves good old Jeeves. The silent and smart butler of Bertie Wooster. Which I think is also good because I probably more closely resemble Bertie in my doings that Tony Stark…though I don’t have the money of either.

So what can Jeeves do up to this point:

1. Receive commands from console input,

2. Receive commands from tcp input,

3. Receive commands from VOICE RECOGNITION input!!! hell yeah!

4. Read the news, either top story, or news just in,

5. Read today and tomorrow’s weather

6. Can read any RSS feed.

7. Connect to GMAIL and check unread mail, tell me who it is from, the subject and mark it as read or delete

8. Conncet to my Google Calendar and tell me my appointments for the day as well as the next appointment

9. Tell jokes

10. Tell me to stop swearing,

11. Greetings and some other general chatter.

12. Most actions are scripted coded but there is also a scripting component that allows me to add actions and speech components without code changes.

Not bad for a week’s work.


So, what is planned next

I’m not too sure  but there are still a few things I would like it to do

1. Launch applications on my PC

2. Interface with X10 home automation components

3. Interface with Arduino micro controllers

4. More.


Probably the biggest problem I face at the moment is my own accent. We have a bit of a head clash every now and then, which causes me to swear and Jeeves to tell me to add a dollar in the naughty word jar. Surprised how good it picks up swear words.

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