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Monthly Archives: May 2013

8bit Iron Man 1 in 60 seconds

Iron Man 1

This is pretty cool. The first Iron Man movie redone in 8bits. It is also only 60 seconds. So if you want to see the 2nd and 3rd movie and forgot what happened in the first, or can’t remember what happened. Here is all you need to know.

Best bit, it is done as a game.



Game Character Connections: Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D

I’ve been playing games for years. When the screens were orange and green with a bit of black for colour. I played all the Duke Nukem games, Commander Keens, the Doom series and the predecessor Wolfenstein.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there is a much more direct relation between Commander Keen and Wolfenstein, apart from having the same creators.

Here is a picture of the Nazi killing hero B.J.  Blazkowics:


And here is a picture of Commander Keen aka Billy Blaze:

Commander Keen

See the resemblance?

Maybe the following extract from the Wolfenstein 3D Hint Manual will help:

William Joseph Blazkowicz was born August 15, 1911, to Polish
immigrants.  Blazkowicz was a top spy for the Allied Forces,
receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor and other accolades
for heroism.  "B.J.," (as he was called by his friends) married
after World War II, at age 40, to Julia Marie Peterson.  Their
son, Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz, became a television talk show
personality in Milwaukee.  For show biz purposes, Arthur changed
his last name to Blaze.  Arthur later married Susan Elizabeth
McMichaels.  They had one son (which they named after Arthur's
father), William Joseph Blazkowicz II, or as he signs his grade
school homework, B. Blaze....

Mind = blown!

Practical Maths – Jokes

It has been a long time since I’ve posted something properly geeky…ok not that long ago, but still. We’ve always been told that maths has its practical uses. And I thought I’d explore this concept.

Where would you not expect to see maths and if it is used in the specific area, would someone need to talk you through its practical usage?

How about maths in jokes? I studied engineering and heard a good bunch of math “jokes”. If it can be called that. I however never bothered to retell math jokes for fear of having to explain it…which becomes tedious and well, boring.

So I came across the Numberphile’s youtube channel where he does just that.

Drum roll….


Changes to come

Right, I have been neglecting this blog thing. I blame various things and not myself though when I say I’ve been neglecting this blog, I mean …well…dammit.

I’ll have to redo a few bits I think…I don’t mind the theme, but the header has got to change. The blog is not The Thumper anymore. Also the archive to the right has to go or trimmed…mmm….what to do.