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Monthly Archives: September 2012

The evolution of a custom bike

Not too long ago I bought as an old (’99) VN800 cruiser with the idea to chop and change it a bit into a bobber. It was a good looking bike to start off with but it had seen better days with some sea air rust.

Here is a before:

So I started the build with some minor changes including the rear fender, seat, bars and mirrors.
The interim would result in something along these lines:

The old bike stayed this way until a bit of a head clash with the NSW authorities at which point it was reverted to stock state.

After saving enough spare cash, which included robbing two bottle stores and grabbing at least three old ladies purses, I took the bike to Evolution Motorsports to finish it up to close to legal. And here be the results:



The move continues

If it is not moving the blog then it is moving house…

I’ve been offline for a while getting stuff sorted and playing a lot of MineCraft. Next week I will not have internet!
┬áThis tragedy can be loosely compared to the great Boston Tea Party where the English in Boston were denied their tea….

Like a famouse Governator said…I’ll be back.