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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Move…again…

First off I would like to apologise for the Twitter spamming. This is what happens when you move years worth of blogs from one site to another and leave the “automatic twitter updates” to on…

The great thing about on-line service: You don’t like a feature the you cancel and move somewhere familiar. So I moved from to

I might register the name, depending on how it goes.


Cafe Racers – The easy custom bike to suite your lifestyle

I love bikes, there is no question about it. Especially the custom ones. I have a custom bike of my own and I have a close to stock bike. I love them both.

Non of them however are cafe racers. A Cafe Racer is a different kind of animal. Small and nimble yet most can achieve a ton up! Drop the bars, throw on a solo seat and cut the fenders to your liking.

Take a look:

If you love cafe racers and you ride around Sydney, go check them out :