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Hi, it is very nice to meet you

Shake hands
On my why to my usual lunch spot I tend to play a game of dodge the charity workers. So I put on my best constipation face and just walk. (A constipation face is the face you pull when you really struggle with something unseen)

Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. So the odd character would jump in front of me yelling “HI!”. At that point I put on a grin that could make Mel Gibson’s character Porter shy away.
So I say “No thanks” as to let the person know that I know who they are and I’m really not interested and I’m really hungry. With a determined look on my face I hope they get the idea, but alas, I’m wrong. So I get the an extended hand shoved at me and followed by an “It is really nice to meet you!”


Clearly this person already failed at selling what ever they have on their clipboard, now to try and fix it through a handshake and using the term “It is really nice to meet you” can not be overlooked. If I were not already late to meet my patient better half I would have stopped to let the person know what they’ve done wrong.

Firstly, the expression “It is really nice to meet you” should only be used express the actual feeling of meeting the person. So they are trying to sell their charity/product based on lies. Except if they were really happy to meet my constipated face and the fact that I replied “no thank you” to their original “HI” makes this meeting a “really nice” event.

Secondly, (overlooking the expression), the extension of the hand does not always work. I do not know where their hands were, if they ever wash it or if all the people they greet wash their hands. AND, it is flu season! There is a post on a blog I did not read that had a picture that did in fact intrigue me :

This is where other cultures have it right; Just do a simple bow a few feet from the other person and get it over with. No, we have to have contact.

So here is the solution. It is called the thumps-up-or-down-greeting. When you come across a person you need to greet physically, extend you fist in the thumbs up position. If they agree to the conversation, they will also extends a thumbs up fist and proceed with a thumbs-up-fist-bump. That is it. no sweaty palms. If however the person do not want to continue the conversation or start one up, they will however acknowledge your greeting with a thumbs-down-fist-bump. As below:
This will show the person the respect of acknowledging their greeting but also show your disinterest in the conversation and they can show respect in return by not bothering you.

When it is someone you know and you realise the thumbs will always be up, you can still prevent the sweaty-unwashed-flu-contaminated-palm through a simple fist bump.

fist bump

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