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What the hell happened last week

I usually don’t do this because I think the news is rubbish enough, but the last week’s news needs a standing ovation.

I’ll go through the headlines to not bore you with the small and important articles.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a front page story of Lady Gaga being denied an after party because of some lame local act. My guess is that they thought it was a drag queen trying to impersonate her.
Gaga drag

Next up is the big divorce of that other chick to the crazy space alien dude. There are a lot of rumours why they are breaking up, these include interrogations and vows of silence… Unofficially she just got tired of him trying to suck her brain juice:
TomKat brain sucking

And then some sport…
Sonny Bill Williams decided to pull the old switcheroo again and is jumping over to the money power house Japan. That is the official reason, unofficial reason is that he got tired of team mates trying to make a ventriloquist puppet of him on the playing field:
Sonny Bill Williams

Now for the weather….more crappy rain….


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