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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Minecraft – The Trap…

I had no idea what the hype of Minecraft was all about. From afar it looked like lego..that’s it. So what’s the hype about?

After looking at other sandbox/openworld games to play and a lot of places mentions Notch’s game, I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. Graphics is pretty shite I thought at first.

Then I chopped a tree, and dug a hole. Night came pretty fast and the mosters/zobies/things were all over me. I died.
Frustrated at the thought that 10 year old kids get the game and I died the first nightm I respawned….at night…and died.

So I tried again…chopped a tree, picked up an apple and closed myself in a 3x3x3 box when night came about. Hey! I survived! But my dude was growing hungry…needless to say, I only figured out after a few more deaths how to eat a damn apple. The fact that your health only reduces to 1/2 a heart when you are hungry was OK…but that meant the deaths included falling off a 3 block stack.

At last I started getting what this damn game was about. so back to my 3x3x3 box. I finally learnt to create a pickaxe after fiddling with the crafting table. Took me a while but I eventually dug up coal! At this point my wife stared at me as I raised my arms in the air and cried “I CREATED FIRE!”

After another day over the weekend spent playing this damn game I finally get it what the hype is about. It is about exploring and the possibilities of creation. I now have a few spots over the country side dug well and deeply into the minecraft world’s core. And yes, I’m still scared to go out at night.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! So far 35,896,901 people have registered and 6,796,784 people bought the game. More stats here.


Zelda like game in a browser

This is pretty cool. A student decided to use Flash to create a game as proof that flash can be used for more than small projects.

I’ve grabbed the code and comments from NewGrounds:
[swfobj src=”” height=”480″ width=”480″]

A small boy is born from the wind, appearing in front of a house. He doesn’t know his purpose, but knows that this house is important. This house holds his answers–and the beginnings of an arduous journey that will introduce him to creatures and objects he has never seen, as well as bring him to question right and wrong.

Arrow Keys – move
X – primary
C – secondary
V or I – inventory
Esc – menu
R – restart (the whole game!)
M – mute
W – soundtrack

Walkthrough: hives/2012/07/ p#walkthrough

*Update – 07/13/2012*
-If you open a chest and die before “getting” the piece inside, you will now respawn with the piece.
-If you re-enter the lava dungeon after beating it, you can get back out.
-If you defeat the Lights and return, they won’t respawn.

If these don’t seem to happen for you, please try emptying your cache and reloading!

Guidology Review: /07/19/seedling-guidology s-official-review/

Hi, it is very nice to meet you

Shake hands
On my why to my usual lunch spot I tend to play a game of dodge the charity workers. So I put on my best constipation face and just walk. (A constipation face is the face you pull when you really struggle with something unseen)

Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. So the odd character would jump in front of me yelling “HI!”. At that point I put on a grin that could make Mel Gibson’s character Porter shy away.
So I say “No thanks” as to let the person know that I know who they are and I’m really not interested and I’m really hungry. With a determined look on my face I hope they get the idea, but alas, I’m wrong. So I get the an extended hand shoved at me and followed by an “It is really nice to meet you!”


Clearly this person already failed at selling what ever they have on their clipboard, now to try and fix it through a handshake and using the term “It is really nice to meet you” can not be overlooked. If I were not already late to meet my patient better half I would have stopped to let the person know what they’ve done wrong.

Firstly, the expression “It is really nice to meet you” should only be used express the actual feeling of meeting the person. So they are trying to sell their charity/product based on lies. Except if they were really happy to meet my constipated face and the fact that I replied “no thank you” to their original “HI” makes this meeting a “really nice” event.

Secondly, (overlooking the expression), the extension of the hand does not always work. I do not know where their hands were, if they ever wash it or if all the people they greet wash their hands. AND, it is flu season! There is a post on a blog I did not read that had a picture that did in fact intrigue me :

This is where other cultures have it right; Just do a simple bow a few feet from the other person and get it over with. No, we have to have contact.

So here is the solution. It is called the thumps-up-or-down-greeting. When you come across a person you need to greet physically, extend you fist in the thumbs up position. If they agree to the conversation, they will also extends a thumbs up fist and proceed with a thumbs-up-fist-bump. That is it. no sweaty palms. If however the person do not want to continue the conversation or start one up, they will however acknowledge your greeting with a thumbs-down-fist-bump. As below:
This will show the person the respect of acknowledging their greeting but also show your disinterest in the conversation and they can show respect in return by not bothering you.

When it is someone you know and you realise the thumbs will always be up, you can still prevent the sweaty-unwashed-flu-contaminated-palm through a simple fist bump.

fist bump

The Punisher and The Jack of Justice

The Punisher by Montana4405

I am and always was a big fan of The Punisher. I’ve seen all the movies and played the games. Not to mention the numerous comics.

I still think Thomas Jane as Frank Castle was brilliant and even if the movie lacked a bit, I watched it a few hundred times. So imagine my surprise when I came across this little gem. The Punisher is back and in two minds if he should get involved in a drug running street party. Until (wait for it) Ron Pearlman gives him a nudge.

I think I have to watch it a few times more

I demand you buy a Thumper shirt!

It is Friday and what better to do than to create an online store? Drinks? On a Friday? No sir! Ok, I might be a tad over exaggerating a bit.

The Thumper Shop

The Shop

A while ago I thought to myself “Myself, why are you struggling to buy shirts you like? Why don’t you just design your own?”. And I responded “Brilliant idea Brain!”.

Wordans was an easy choice and I’ll tell you way. (Even though you might be inclined to design your own and not buy awesome Thumper shirts). You not only get to pick your logos and text, but you also get to use a design web application to place the logos where you want it.

So I designed a few and tested it. It is a good fit. Click “The Shop” button at the top of the page or click this link: The Shop.

What’s your address?


So what is your address? It is a simple question, so I need to give it a difficult answer.

I’ve decided to now answer the question “Please fill in your address” with the following:

King TvZ
Unit/House Number
Street number
Building Name (optional)
Postal Code
Continent (where it differs from Country)
Planet Earth
Solar System
Milky Way Galaxy
The Unknown

I think it only fair to give as much information as possible.

Meanwhile back in RSA

Crime is really taking its toll on South Africa. They are forced to start thinking of innovative ways to protect themselves.

This photo was sent to me by one of my friends. It is funny and sad at the same time.

No more hijack

Arnold Schwarzenegger the thinker

I’m a fan of Arnold @Schwarzenegger. Not only because my dad’s second name is a variation of his (Arnoldt) but also because the Governator went from bodybuild to acting to politics.

He also (read his PR people) embraces social media. Using twitter and facebook frequently to interact with the masses. Yesterday I posted my feeble attempts (The Arnie memes and my crappy attempts) at the Arnie Website relaunch memes and today I added three more.

See this one and this one and lastly this one.

But today I looked at his facebook page and thought I’d try to guess what he was thinking during some of the popular shots.

Expendables 2



I believe I can fly

The Arnie memes and my crappy attempt

So Arnie @Schwarzenegger is getting his website back on track and asked the public for some input in a tweet reading:

Relaunching my website this week. Thought it would be fun to have you involved. Bring on your best memes.

The image is:
Arnie original

So it started :
first meme

Arnie Meme 1

Meme two

Arnie meme 2

meme three

Arnie Meme three

And then there is my feeble attempt:
TvZ attempt
TvZ Arnie

Unfortunately I think the my attempt is good and bad. Good in the sense that it works on different levels. First being he tends to shoot a crap load amount of bullets or because “110” is the binary equivalent of 6 and “101” is the binary equivalent of 5, which makes a good “terminator-dirty harry” play. The bad part of the meme is that I had to explain the last bit.

What the hell happened last week

I usually don’t do this because I think the news is rubbish enough, but the last week’s news needs a standing ovation.

I’ll go through the headlines to not bore you with the small and important articles.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a front page story of Lady Gaga being denied an after party because of some lame local act. My guess is that they thought it was a drag queen trying to impersonate her.
Gaga drag

Next up is the big divorce of that other chick to the crazy space alien dude. There are a lot of rumours why they are breaking up, these include interrogations and vows of silence… Unofficially she just got tired of him trying to suck her brain juice:
TomKat brain sucking

And then some sport…
Sonny Bill Williams decided to pull the old switcheroo again and is jumping over to the money power house Japan. That is the official reason, unofficial reason is that he got tired of team mates trying to make a ventriloquist puppet of him on the playing field:
Sonny Bill Williams

Now for the weather….more crappy rain….