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Review Dear Esther

Dear Ester,

What the hell did I just play?!?

Sincerely TvZ

I had no idea what to expect from this one. All I knew about the game was that it was originally done as a concept add-on to the Source Engine/HL2 mod. Then after a few thousand people loved it soooo much, it was re-done as a commercial (cheap) masterpiece.

Ultimately it is an interactive story. There is no running, shooting or quests. You follow what seems like a path in an open world environment (not so much, but seems like). As you walk through some of the best scenery in gaming history, a narrator or two tells a story. That I’ll not give away. It is haunting, beautiful and brilliantly done. I suggest playing the game/interactive story before reading the plot on any Wiki-sites.

Screenshots and Wallpaper

A big old “Hell Yeah!” form me.


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