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Review Proteus, a game of discovery

I didn’t know what to expect from this game. The screen shots looks crap and there is not a lot more on the website than a vague description.

Proteus is a game of pure exploration and discovery, developed by Ed Key with a reactive ambient soundtrack by David Kanaga.

But I thought I’d bite the bullet, get the copy and give it a go. Was I surprised…

The movement is simple and the only available keys other than direction worth mentioning is the F9 key for screen shots. There is no story and you find yourself in the ocean somewhere. I turned around and saw nothing. So…I started walking. Low and behold, there appeared an island. So let the exploration begin!

All over the seeming small island things happen. Some magic in the air. Winter is rainy and miserable, autumn is a reddish orange with trees throwing leaves. During spring the trees blossom and there are all kinds of life around. A circular stone formation can be seen and as I approach it time flies by and it is summer.

There is a lot to explore on this small island.


Go check it out:


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