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Max Payne is back with vengeance

Max Payne

You know you’ve been playing Max Payne too long when James McCaffrey narrates what you type.

smile Holy SHITE! smile

Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

Probably one of the best games I’ve played…ever! That is a big call to make but I’ll make it.
Max Payne is a drunk but a drunk with some integrity. That always gets him in trouble with the wrong people at just the right times. It has been a very long time since I played a game with a proper plot and proper characters development in it.

At first I thought, the graphics are a bit … well..meh, but it all just fits in so perfectly. Through the story Max gets beaten up a few times, things explode and he gets shot. Rockstar did a brilliant job of using the injuries in character development. Not giving anything away, but at a point in the game he gets shot in the arm, really bad. that would stays on the character skin till the end of the game. Same with facial scars etc.

Bullet time is perfectly done and the old school comic panel story line is replaced with video panel dialogues throughout the game and game play.
And can write a whole article one the mechanics of the game as well. But here is a bit about Max’s weapon handling. He can hold three weapons at any time. Which are two hand guns and large weapon. When he uses the larger gun, the two side arms are holstered. When you select one side arm, he caries the larger gun in the left hand while charging around with the side arm in his right, leaving the extra holstered. When you reload a the side arm while carrying a large gun, Max would tuck the gun under his arm while reloading. And lastly when you decide to go duel side arms, Max has to get rid of the large gun. All of this adds to realism and difficulty as you are not carrying an arsenal of weapons in you back pocket. I had to reload a few times where I made a stupid choice in weapons and were left out numbered and out of ammo.

The enemies are smarter. They will charge, stay behind cover and even out flank you. I’ve found myself in a difficult spot a few times where I were so concerned with two enemies at the far side of the room behind cover that I didn’t notice the small group of thugs right next to me.

I can go on and on and on…

My verdict :

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