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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

After putting an hour or so into the game, I’m not yet convinced.
It feels a bit like WoW-single player edition. Maybe I expect too much after playing buggy Skyrim for far too long.


The graphics is ok, but looks like WoW. I’m over the floating “!” and “?” above characters heads and the tutorial was painful. I get that a way to get the player to learn the game is through screen pop-ups that tells you “Press F to loot dead dude”, but pausing the game until you press said “F”-U button is just too much.

Also the inventory screens I find to be lacking. having a left side menu and not a manikin to past your newly looted equipment on was a bit underwhelming. Maybe again I got too use to the “stick the tail to the ass” types of inventory screens to enjoy what they did here.

One or two times I found myself wondering if I’m actually playing the right game… All of the above said, there seems to be more to the game than the little I played it. There are factions, abilities to unlock, special moves etc. I did have a taste of “manipulating fate” in the game which so far seems like a bit of (bullet-time)+(soul-reaving)

All and all, I might continue playing this until the Diablo servers cool down to a stable temperature.

Kingdom of Amalur

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