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Spamming a Scammer – Bad news, good news

Latest update:

This is a bad news, good news update.

The bad news first:
I’m pulling the book from Pozible for legit reasons. Not because there are only 20 days to go and that I “might not make the funding”. Nope, a reason which only slammed me in the face after doing a bit more research on the topics covered in the book. Safety.
Some of these scam artists are not friendly men you would sit down with and have a beer with, nope, they are criminals who have killed. Linked to murders that took place this year (2012). We are not untouchable because they live “overseas”, nope, they have means to get to other countries, passport in hand within two days. Which leads me to the supporters of this book, I’d prefer not to mention anyone I know in the book, not family, not friends, no one (maybe one or two that really gets my angry). I’m still considering using an alias as I still have friends and family that live in the southern parts of Africa and would prefer not to put them in harms way…well most of them.

The good news:
I’m still finishing the book! Yes indeed. I decided that I’m not taking on more scam emails since I think I now have a variety of emails to publish without the content repeating and turning in to an utterly boring read. Which was originally planned as a 50 to 100 pager is now ranging in the 240+ pages. Next step, getting it proof read and edited. Thanks to Amazon’s CreateSpace, the cost of publishing is slashed considerably and the book will still be available to order, download or rest your coffee cup on. And no, there will not be a picture of the my face on the book to use for target practising.

Lastly, a big thanks to all the people who offered to put up some of their hard earned cash (most legit) to get me motivated and this book published. I promise at least 2 pages of the 240+ will make you laugh. The rest will probably make you scratch your eyes out (not my problem).


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