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Thumper has been re-re-converted


Thumper has  been re-re-converted.

A while ago I converted Thumper to a bobber. A bobber, described in Wikipedia, is a custom motorcycle that usually has had the front fender removed, the rear fender “bobbed” or made smaller, and all superfluous parts removed to make it lighter. I on the other hand did not remove the front fender but did strip the bike of the stock rear fender and seat, added a custom fender, spring seat and some custom lights, including Cadillac style indicators.

This however did not last long. Some where in all the posts there is an over dramatised story of how I couldn’t get the bike “pink slipped” and had to convert Thumper back to its stock form, excluding the exhausts and the bars. It was a sad day indeed.

But after ordering more parts, including an extra rear fender, a better looking tail light and receiving the bobber styled front fender as a gift from the old lady, I decided it was time to re-re-convert the bike. So this weekend I spent a few hours down in the garage getting Thumper all bobbed out and here are the results…for now.

And the wires:

What is left to do. Well the idea is simple. Get the bike to a professional to extend the rear fender with the extra fender and get it painted. Also to get the front fender painted and maybe the tank.

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