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Review Dear Esther

Dear Ester,

What the hell did I just play?!?

Sincerely TvZ

I had no idea what to expect from this one. All I knew about the game was that it was originally done as a concept add-on to the Source Engine/HL2 mod. Then after a few thousand people loved it soooo much, it was re-done as a commercial (cheap) masterpiece.

Ultimately it is an interactive story. There is no running, shooting or quests. You follow what seems like a path in an open world environment (not so much, but seems like). As you walk through some of the best scenery in gaming history, a narrator or two tells a story. That I’ll not give away. It is haunting, beautiful and brilliantly done. I suggest playing the game/interactive story before reading the plot on any Wiki-sites.

Screenshots and Wallpaper

A big old “Hell Yeah!” form me.


MIB3 : Comedy of Errors

We all know how cool it looks when the dudes in black put on their shades and blow away a few alien scum right. Ever tried to impersonate them?

First Attempt
first attempt

Second attempt
Second attempt


I’ve not tried this, but I guess the Frogman is just that cool

Sydney’s light spectacular

This weekend Sydney was lit up like a Christmas tree. Literally. With projections against some of the major iconic features.

Here is a video I took of the Customs House display

Pretty proud of the old phone camera. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Review Proteus, a game of discovery

I didn’t know what to expect from this game. The screen shots looks crap and there is not a lot more on the website than a vague description.

Proteus is a game of pure exploration and discovery, developed by Ed Key with a reactive ambient soundtrack by David Kanaga.

But I thought I’d bite the bullet, get the copy and give it a go. Was I surprised…

The movement is simple and the only available keys other than direction worth mentioning is the F9 key for screen shots. There is no story and you find yourself in the ocean somewhere. I turned around and saw nothing. So…I started walking. Low and behold, there appeared an island. So let the exploration begin!

All over the seeming small island things happen. Some magic in the air. Winter is rainy and miserable, autumn is a reddish orange with trees throwing leaves. During spring the trees blossom and there are all kinds of life around. A circular stone formation can be seen and as I approach it time flies by and it is summer.

There is a lot to explore on this small island.


Go check it out:

Bikers, no school like old school

I recently put a post up of an airborne Indian. Today I’ll follow up on that with these tow beauties.

First is old drag racing picture, before the time of major brands and technicoloured drag machines. This is dragging at the purest.
Old drag racer

Next is two old blokes going around a track. I would love to know their story. Old friends going around the track one last time?
track racing

Max Payne is back with vengeance

Max Payne

You know you’ve been playing Max Payne too long when James McCaffrey narrates what you type.

smile Holy SHITE! smile

Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

Probably one of the best games I’ve played…ever! That is a big call to make but I’ll make it.
Max Payne is a drunk but a drunk with some integrity. That always gets him in trouble with the wrong people at just the right times. It has been a very long time since I played a game with a proper plot and proper characters development in it.

At first I thought, the graphics are a bit … well..meh, but it all just fits in so perfectly. Through the story Max gets beaten up a few times, things explode and he gets shot. Rockstar did a brilliant job of using the injuries in character development. Not giving anything away, but at a point in the game he gets shot in the arm, really bad. that would stays on the character skin till the end of the game. Same with facial scars etc.

Bullet time is perfectly done and the old school comic panel story line is replaced with video panel dialogues throughout the game and game play.
And can write a whole article one the mechanics of the game as well. But here is a bit about Max’s weapon handling. He can hold three weapons at any time. Which are two hand guns and large weapon. When he uses the larger gun, the two side arms are holstered. When you select one side arm, he caries the larger gun in the left hand while charging around with the side arm in his right, leaving the extra holstered. When you reload a the side arm while carrying a large gun, Max would tuck the gun under his arm while reloading. And lastly when you decide to go duel side arms, Max has to get rid of the large gun. All of this adds to realism and difficulty as you are not carrying an arsenal of weapons in you back pocket. I had to reload a few times where I made a stupid choice in weapons and were left out numbered and out of ammo.

The enemies are smarter. They will charge, stay behind cover and even out flank you. I’ve found myself in a difficult spot a few times where I were so concerned with two enemies at the far side of the room behind cover that I didn’t notice the small group of thugs right next to me.

I can go on and on and on…

My verdict :

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

After putting an hour or so into the game, I’m not yet convinced.
It feels a bit like WoW-single player edition. Maybe I expect too much after playing buggy Skyrim for far too long.


The graphics is ok, but looks like WoW. I’m over the floating “!” and “?” above characters heads and the tutorial was painful. I get that a way to get the player to learn the game is through screen pop-ups that tells you “Press F to loot dead dude”, but pausing the game until you press said “F”-U button is just too much.

Also the inventory screens I find to be lacking. having a left side menu and not a manikin to past your newly looted equipment on was a bit underwhelming. Maybe again I got too use to the “stick the tail to the ass” types of inventory screens to enjoy what they did here.

One or two times I found myself wondering if I’m actually playing the right game… All of the above said, there seems to be more to the game than the little I played it. There are factions, abilities to unlock, special moves etc. I did have a taste of “manipulating fate” in the game which so far seems like a bit of (bullet-time)+(soul-reaving)

All and all, I might continue playing this until the Diablo servers cool down to a stable temperature.

Kingdom of Amalur

Airborne Indian

I love bikes, I think I’ve mentioned it before…not sure. But the there is not a lot that calms my nerves than the low thump of a cruiser. Sometimes you see a posed picture with Steve McQueen and you think, ‘Yeah, he’s having fun’. Then you see a picture of an unknown rider doing hill climbs with an old flathead. Awe…

Air Borne Indian

“I carried my camera everywhere in the trunk of my -32 roadster. One day I ran across this guy riding his Indian motorcycle up a steep cliff wall at an old dumpsite in southwest Los angeles.
I couldnt believe what this guy was doing with his heavy flathead indian. He repeted this feat again and again. Thank goodness,because it gave me an opportunity to catch him completly suspended in the air before wrestling his machine back to earth.
One of the main things I remember about this hillclimb was the sound – the roar of his flatheadmotor echoed from the hillside cavern.He would dash up from the pit into the air with his bike, then back down to earth with his flathead motor still popping.
Where is this Indian rider today? He may still be alive today about 80 years old – If, ofcourse he survived stunts like this!”

Slow reader I am

A bit of a reading test and I found out I’m pretty damn slow…that is my reading though. Needless to say the above picture is not my own.

But not too slow. Above the average I might add. Take the test:


ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

Dovahkiin Dancing?!?

I’m a Skyrim fan, through all the bugs that it may have. Even the latest one that doesn’t allow me to enter water (yip it crashes). So I tend to look at a lot of mod clips on the ol’ youtube about Skyrim. Then I came across this one. Not quite sure if blasphemy against Skyrim or just hilarious ?!?

Dovahkiin Dancing