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The new Persona : Spamming a Scammer

If you’ve been following the Spamming a Scammer project at you might have noticed that I’ve created a new persona after hooking one of the scams.

Unfortunately I can’t write his full name, just in case the scam artists do an internet search for him. But you should be able to see the name on the card.

As part of the ongoing efforts to spam the scam artists, I had to create an I.D. card for Cliff.
I’m pretty proud of the result.

First the background image:
California DMV

Then I just added a layer of text and a mugshot of a biker in USA:
Driver's license layer

And lastly sign it and scan it back in in a lower resolution:
Scanned Driver's License

You see, it’s not all fun and games, there is some work involved in writing spam emails to scam artists.

Keep up with the project:


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