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Thumper’s Metali-bling and Saddlebags

Recalling the last posts about Thumper, he had a bit of a set back. I was on my way to make him a proper bobber. Until Aus-RTA  put a massive STOP sign in front of my plans.

Yep, they still think the bobber fender is too short. Which resulted in me spending a weekend refitting the stock fender and seat and ended up breaking the engine-exhaust bolt.

A trip to the shops and lots of $$$ later, Thumper was fixed, roaring and registered. So I had to rethink my Thumper strategy. There is still a lot left to do on the bike.

  1. Replace the rusty horn
  2. Replace the stock front fender with custom one (this should be fine with RTA regulations)
  3. Remove some other rusty bits
But that is all crappy work. So I thought I’d do something that shows some style and will keep the old lady happy. Add some bling:
General front view:
And then some Metali-bling:
Metallica Scary Guy:

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