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Donald Duck’s Girlfriend

So we’re sitting around the table and the conversation around the christmas table was growing slim. So I pick up the little folded paper that dropped from my old lady’s Christmas cracker.
At first I thought it was a ransom note or threat placed by that dangerous character called Santa Clause. But alas, it was one of those Christmas quiz papers. I read it:

What is Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name?


Instantly my stepmother answered, “Mickey Mouse”

My jaw dropped..what…

TvZ: Serious
Stepmom: yes
TvZ: From all the Disney characters…Mickey Mouse…

At this point she realised she was heading for the fall.

TvZ: You do realise Mickey Mouse is a dude….
Stepmom: yes but…
TvZ: And Daffy Duck is also a dude
Stepmom: yes but I meant..
TvZ: Not Mini Mouse but Mickey Mouse, making him gay…not that I have anything against gays but I have not yet heard of a gay Disney character. I don’t think Earnie and Bernie are Disney characters.
Stepmom: But it was the first thing that came to mind.
TvZ: OK…I’ll give you a clue…it is a duck…
TvZ: Its not Pluto…
TvZ: Its not Goofy or Mini Mouse
TvZ: Its not Daffy Duck. Even though he might also be a duck, he is still a dude.
TvZ: right, I’m running out of clues…her name starts with a flower.
Stepmom: frangipani?
Old Lady: Let me put you out of your misery…It is Daisy…Daisy Duck.

At this point I almost passed out.


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