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It smells like X-mas!

It is close to that time of the year again…the time when I try to convince my minions that Santa is in fact as evil as it gets. Pretty sure he is above Barney the Dinosaur on the list of evil beings.

This effort of mine has been running for a while and feel free to refer to my earlier posts:

  1. Santa is Satan
  2. Origins of Santa
  3. Calling out Santa
  4. How Santa Damned Rudolf
  5. Black Ops Santa
  6. What did you get for X-mas?


This year I will be away for x-mas and my Santa slaying efforts will be minimal, none the less I made an effort to inform others about it. See the short conversation I had with the CrazyRationalist:

And again…it Smells like X-mas!


Be careful and watch out for him:


One response to “It smells like X-mas!

  1. crissancy February 3, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Hello. xaxanjasdijwewe And Bye.

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