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Monthly Archives: December 2011

New years resolution; Do less


I’ve been busy busy busy. I realised that I’ve done far too many good deeds this year.

  1. I moved my bikes so other people might be able to use the spots in the under cover parking.
  2. I advertised music of a friend….for free.
  3. Something else which I can’t for the life of me remember.
2012 will be a year of doing less! Yip, way less.

Donald Duck’s Girlfriend

So we’re sitting around the table and the conversation around the christmas table was growing slim. So I pick up the little folded paper that dropped from my old lady’s Christmas cracker.
At first I thought it was a ransom note or threat placed by that dangerous character called Santa Clause. But alas, it was one of those Christmas quiz papers. I read it:

What is Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name?


Instantly my stepmother answered, “Mickey Mouse”

My jaw dropped..what…

TvZ: Serious
Stepmom: yes
TvZ: From all the Disney characters…Mickey Mouse…

At this point she realised she was heading for the fall.

TvZ: You do realise Mickey Mouse is a dude….
Stepmom: yes but…
TvZ: And Daffy Duck is also a dude
Stepmom: yes but I meant..
TvZ: Not Mini Mouse but Mickey Mouse, making him gay…not that I have anything against gays but I have not yet heard of a gay Disney character. I don’t think Earnie and Bernie are Disney characters.
Stepmom: But it was the first thing that came to mind.
TvZ: OK…I’ll give you a clue…it is a duck…
TvZ: Its not Pluto…
TvZ: Its not Goofy or Mini Mouse
TvZ: Its not Daffy Duck. Even though he might also be a duck, he is still a dude.
TvZ: right, I’m running out of clues…her name starts with a flower.
Stepmom: frangipani?
Old Lady: Let me put you out of your misery…It is Daisy…Daisy Duck.

At this point I almost passed out.

It smells like X-mas!

It is close to that time of the year again…the time when I try to convince my minions that Santa is in fact as evil as it gets. Pretty sure he is above Barney the Dinosaur on the list of evil beings.

This effort of mine has been running for a while and feel free to refer to my earlier posts:

  1. Santa is Satan
  2. Origins of Santa
  3. Calling out Santa
  4. How Santa Damned Rudolf
  5. Black Ops Santa
  6. What did you get for X-mas?


This year I will be away for x-mas and my Santa slaying efforts will be minimal, none the less I made an effort to inform others about it. See the short conversation I had with the CrazyRationalist:

And again…it Smells like X-mas!


Be careful and watch out for him:

Free VanMerwe music is Free!

I’ve been contacted by a fried letting me know her little brother quit his profession as a civil engineer to follow his true passion, music!

Good on the young lad I say!

A bit more info:

Hey Everyone

I recently resigned from my employment as a civil engineer in order to pursue my true passion… music! My love for music was initiated when I started playing the violin at age 8. I expanded my music skills by teaching myself to play the guitar at age 14. I am now a full-time professional musician known as VanMerwe.

I’ve recently recorded my first single “Hit the ground Running” and would like to distribute it for free to as many people as possible! A music video for the single is on its way, keep your eyes open!

Follow the link below to download the song for free:

I am giving you this song for free, with the hope that you will forward this email to all the people you know who might also like the song.

My goal being to get as much exposure and publicity as possible, before the release of my debut album next year! Furthermore, this will enable me to create a mailing list to keep interested people up to date with the progress of my album.

I specifically wrote this email in such a way that you can forward it, as is, to all your friends. If you are interested in my music, feel free to go to my website and listen to more of my songs.

Official website:

Facebook page:

If you received this email from a friend and would like to be added to my mailing list, please send me an email, or drop me a message on facebook.

Best regards



Now I have to say that this does not quite fall in my cup of tea, if it did, I would scoop it out. But I have to give him credit. For a new single…pretty damn good I say.

Twitter background

So after years of owning a twitter account, I decided to change my twitter background.

I thought I’d change it to a bad ass looking Forth Horseman called War from the Darksiders:

But now when I look at it….now it looks like a this dude: