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Skeletor, the true story

Poor old Skeletor…An outcast from a young age.

Knowing only bullying and name calling because of his blueish tint and skeletal face. He has one place he calls home…Grayskull.


Yep, that is right, Grayskull was Skeletor the outcast’s home. He spent most of his imortal life building this home that represents his main defect. Something that would scare away the humans with their pitchforks ready to ridicule him.

But they couldn’t let him be…

One day sitting around and enjoying the peace and quiet of Grayskull, it was invaded by a loin cloth wearing barbarian.

He-man the barbarian

He just couldn’t let Skeletor be, he had to show off that he had a face…and hair. With the help of a mutant tiger and all sorts of creatures that should be outcasts them selves, Skeletor was cast out of Grayskull and been hunted down ever since.

The only way for him to defend himself is through creating a strong offence. He assembled a team of idiots that did not make He-Man’s band of outlaw brothers and ever since tries to retake his true home and only place he can be happy.




But Skeletor will be back and more bad ass than ever….Stay tuned…

By the way, I found a pretty funny site about ol’ Skeletor: Not now Skeletor


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