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Thumper is back and badder than ever!

Yep, Thumper is back!

Roaring through the streets of Sydney all fixed up and registered.

What was wrong….where to start. As stated in Thumper’s set back, I managed to break off the exhaust mounting on the engine block. So what started out as a $26 rego inspection turned out to a full repair, service and inspection. Here’s the list of issues:

  1. Exhaust stub broken and almost impossible to remove (3 hours)
  2. Major service (3 hours)
  3. Fix break lever switch
  4. Fix side stand switch
  5. Fix side stand (apparently the previous owner thought it smart to weld a broken piece in place)
  6. Pass inspection
  7. Register bike for 2012
One week later and I was able to cruise the streets again. Thumper’s rear fender has been reverted to a double seater and stock fender for inspection purposes, but since I already have 9/13 demerit points on my license, I might keep it this way for a while.
So what is next for Thumper?
I still have a Front fender to replace (all conforming to Australian standards this time) and then I’ll take a look at the bike’s seat. Might get a lower one…pretty expensive though.
Might be getting one of these:
And off course Mr Skellington will have to be put back on his thrown.

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