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From Disaster report to Grayskull in 2 minutes

How to turn a discussion from a video game to absolute rubbish in under 2 minutes. Not that I think Skeletor and Steven Seagal is rubbish…just saying.

TvZ: this game actually looked OK. something different
Nelson Muntz: well apparently there’s already 3 games in the series out..
Nelson Muntz: though doesn’t tell me much about the game, except there’s an earthquake at the beginning
TvZ: oh right, there are a few clips of it on the net
TvZ: there was a trailer a while back
TvZ: stupid 3d
Nelson Muntz: cool graphics… it looks like an open world exploration game
TvZ: yip. And something different from the usual shooters.
Nelson Muntz: probably not for sale in Australia though
TvZ: not that I would understand it anyway
Nelson Muntz: you don’t understand Japanese?  Thought you know all about it since sushi is your favourite cuisine
TvZ: All I know is that the Japanese are minions of Skeletor who is a level above He-Man. But they all bow before me. So I see them as inferior beings that make good games
Nelson Muntz: so who’s on top of Skeletor?
TvZ: I think Steven Seagal, but ultimately I’m on top of the ladder anyway. So the order of the lesser beings don’t really count
Nelson Muntz: we all know you’re second in the ladder..
TvZ: two whom?
Nelson Muntz: Pink Minion got you by the balls…
Nelson Muntz: careful now, she might rip it if you say the wrong thing…
TvZ: HA! You might think so, but ultimately I have the power of Grayskull!
Nelson Muntz: but not the balls of Grayskull..
TvZ: nah, larger ones

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