The Geek Biker

Rambles of a geek that rides a bike

The mighty chicken army!

Nelson Muntz: the place opposite makes the best coffee..
TvZ: yep
TvZ: wait, opposite what?
TvZ: hell?
TvZ: the other side of the road and that is why the chicken tried to cross it?
Nelson Muntz: are you the chicken? If so, yes, it is..
TvZ: I am no Chicken!!! they are part of my army though!
TvZ: all will fear the mighty chicken army!
Nelson Muntz: do i dare look?
Nelson Muntz: wtf? there’s a paypal make a donation button?
Nelson Muntz: more importantly, WHY THE FUCK do you know that website? haha
TvZ: Did I not say that I am the king and emperor! See how the tigers cower in fear of the chicken army!
TvZ: smart buggers
Nelson Muntz:
TvZ: Yep. The Colonel is one of my sworn enemies. Trying to over throw my plans of world domination
Nelson Muntz: thought so.. He’s winning?
TvZ: only because of the Americans!
Nelson Muntz: but your armyyyy … is sooooooooooooo tasty………
TvZ: don’t start! You under estimate the power of the chicken. “I find your lack of faith disturbing” to quote a misunderstood genius.
TvZ: Ever wondered what the secret ingredients are?
TvZ: Mind control poison!
Nelson Muntz: see.. this is where you’re going wrong.. the dude has access to mind control poison at a cheap enough price to inject into 2.95 pieces of chicken… you need to change your supplier..
TvZ: I don’t need a supplier. The come to me and offer their supplies for free. This just shows how low the Colonel will sink to over throw my army
TvZ: a proper representation:

Nelson Muntz: haha
TvZ: But I have the propaganda ball on the roll:

Nelson Muntz: soo tasttyyyyy..
TvZ: Be carefull, I have mercenaries ready to take people out eating KFC:

Nelson Muntz: safe?
TvZ: yeah, red rooster/nandos and oporto are all safe. They are the traitor chickens that examples were/are made of. Also some of the stuff there are not real chickens.


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