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Thumper’s setback

This weekend was not Thumper’s best.

Setback 1:

I took thumper in its current bobber state to get inspected for rego purposes. When I got to the Car inspection centre in Eastgate Shopping centre car park, the guy came out immediately….

He looked at the bike once and said, what can I do for you? So I responded, well I would like to get my bike inspected for rego please. (yes, I even said please…)

“Not going to touch this bike mate…”…????….”The back fender should be all the way down and the plate should be at a downward angle. I’m giving you a heads up, you will get a defect notice by police. I’m not even sure how you have this bike on the road”


So I rode off.

Now I know what he was talking about. In fact, this was always an issue I thought might come up. So I went home pretty negative.

I spent a few hours the Saturday to replace the stock rear fender, seat, lights etc. Undoing all the hard work I put in over a few weekends.

Setback 2:

Since I knew the guy at the inspection centre will look for something if I just came back the following week, I thought I’d address any other issues he might have. The last being the loud pipes on the bike….fine…

So the Sunday afternoon I backed the bike back under the spot light and started taking the exhaust system off…nice…first pipe came off easy and I replaced it with a stock pipe. Had to do a bit of a custom job on the fitting as I didn’t have the original nut to go with the bolt, but it was fitted and fastened. The second pipe started ok, un screwed the bottom bolts and started on the stubs that fixed the exhaust system to the engine block. First one unlocked and I undid it about 2mm. The next one was hard…I tried to turn it, didn’t budge. Then added a bit of leverage and it started going, but didn’t loosen up. This all pointed to bolt threads…After about 7mm…snap….hex nut snapped off taking a good chunk of the bolt/stub with it….I sat there looking at the broken stub…no words…

So this morning I phoned up Action motorcycles in the CBD…nope, they don’t work on Kawasaki motorcycles. Same guys that told me last time they didn’t work on Triumphs. (starting to wonder if they work on any bikes). Next stop, phoned Sydney City Motorcycles and they said they can take a look at the bike. If they are able to fix it, I’ll also be getting a major service (get all kinks fixed up) and rego inspection.

This is going to end up costing me a lot more than the originally estimated $26 for inspection.


6 responses to “Thumper’s setback

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