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Manowar UK tour!

I’d almost consider working in the UK to be able to see them live…almost..


Metalhammer had an exclusive interview with Joey DeMaio : Read here

I think this is going to be one loud show! Here is an extract of the artice:

” We really had to be careful about how we put this whole thing together. So we were pleased when we got into the Academy, they understood how to put on a quality show. Everyone realised it was a big undertaking, to bring our PA system in and everything else, we’re testing the limits of man and machine here! We felt it needed to be done properly, so the UK fans would be able to understand why they’ve had to wait sixteen years to see Manowar.”

Don’t forget, Manowar held the record for loudest live show!

From : Loudest band in the world

1984 and 1994

The heavy metal band Manowar is one claimant of the title of “loudest band in the world”,[7] citing a measurement of 129.5 dB in 1994 in Hanover.[8] However, The Guinness Book of World Records listed Manowar as the record holder for the loudest musical performance for an earlier performance in 1984. Guinness does not recognize Manowar’s later claim, because it no longer includes a category of loudest band, reportedly because it does not want to encourage hearing damage.[9][10][11][12] Manowar achieved a SPL of 139 dB during the sound check (not the actual performance) at the Magic Circle Fest in 2008.[13]



And you know what I love the most about the band?

“And you’ve seen the Manowar fans – it doesn’t matter if you’re from England, China, Italy, when you walk into a Manowar show, you are a Brother of Metal. It’s not like ‘who’s that asshole’, ‘look at how that wanker’s dressed’, ‘fuck him’, you’re there, together, you know. There’s no support band on this tour, we thought that after sixteen years, let’s just get out there and play as much as we possibly can. It’s gonna be a joyful reunion that will melt your face!”


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