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Fitocracy Progress Report

Right, things didn’t quite go as planned since my last fitocracy post here.

According to their recommendations, I should have maybe done some benchpresses and bicep curls. Unfortunately after doing my warm up sets I realised that I only have one gym-glove. That is a big problem since my computer hands can’t really cope with lifting weigts. So I had to resort to some machines.

So this is what I ended up doing:

  1.  3 sets of pullups (10,8,8 )
  2. 3 sets of machine leg press (90kg x 10, 160kg x 8, 170kg x 8 )
  3. 3 sets Machine tricep push downs (90kg x 10, 120kg x 11, 135kg x 8 )
  4. 2 sets Sit ups (30 and 15 )

Logged it in fitocracy and boom! Level 3. Though I had to push a question to the forum as there is no activity linked to the machine tricep push downs. All are cable machines…mmm…



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