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Skeletor, the true story

Poor old Skeletor…An outcast from a young age.

Knowing only bullying and name calling because of his blueish tint and skeletal face. He has one place he calls home…Grayskull.


Yep, that is right, Grayskull was Skeletor the outcast’s home. He spent most of his imortal life building this home that represents his main defect. Something that would scare away the humans with their pitchforks ready to ridicule him.

But they couldn’t let him be…

One day sitting around and enjoying the peace and quiet of Grayskull, it was invaded by a loin cloth wearing barbarian.

He-man the barbarian

He just couldn’t let Skeletor be, he had to show off that he had a face…and hair. With the help of a mutant tiger and all sorts of creatures that should be outcasts them selves, Skeletor was cast out of Grayskull and been hunted down ever since.

The only way for him to defend himself is through creating a strong offence. He assembled a team of idiots that did not make He-Man’s band of outlaw brothers and ever since tries to retake his true home and only place he can be happy.




But Skeletor will be back and more bad ass than ever….Stay tuned…

By the way, I found a pretty funny site about ol’ Skeletor: Not now Skeletor


Land of Skyrim vs Hyrule

Who needs a PS3, XBOX or super computer to travel distant lands and fight evil? Sure Skyrim has been released and all the world is stunned with its glorious graphics (even I have spent quite the number of hours on it already), but do you really need all of that?

The land of Hyrule has been plagued by evil for many years and can still be saved. For those not in the know, Hyrule is the main setting for lot of the “Legend of Zelda” games. And I thought it was time to return to the good old days of the SNES and rescue Zelda in “Legend of Zelda – Link to the past“. You take on the role of an elf looking human/hylian boy that can’t be bothered to put on pants.

But hold on … Link to the Past was released on the SNES??? Do I really need an SNES to play it? For those who doesn’t know what an SNES looks like:

Well, no for a short answer, but you might need an SNES emulator and a legally obtained “ROM” of Legend of Zelda. That is what I did….to a degree.

I took the old PSP, installed a custom firmware, installed Snes9x Euphoria on the PSP, obtained the ROM and BOOM started playing the game.

Here are some screenshots of the classic RPG game:

Sure it doesn’t quite match up to Skyrim’s world as can be seen in the picture below, but does have all the right elements of a classic RPG.

So let me tell you a bit more of the Legend of Zelda elements that makes it a classic:

You can collect items crucial to your quest, and not just random brooms stolen for pleasure.

How about a world map, yep a massive one.

Secret doors and passages:


Then there are evil mages which leads to the use of magic. Being able to pick up items and throw it around. I can go on and on and on.

So I will be saving Hyrule from evil…every time my PS3 is not available.

Thumper is back and badder than ever!

Yep, Thumper is back!

Roaring through the streets of Sydney all fixed up and registered.

What was wrong….where to start. As stated in Thumper’s set back, I managed to break off the exhaust mounting on the engine block. So what started out as a $26 rego inspection turned out to a full repair, service and inspection. Here’s the list of issues:

  1. Exhaust stub broken and almost impossible to remove (3 hours)
  2. Major service (3 hours)
  3. Fix break lever switch
  4. Fix side stand switch
  5. Fix side stand (apparently the previous owner thought it smart to weld a broken piece in place)
  6. Pass inspection
  7. Register bike for 2012
One week later and I was able to cruise the streets again. Thumper’s rear fender has been reverted to a double seater and stock fender for inspection purposes, but since I already have 9/13 demerit points on my license, I might keep it this way for a while.
So what is next for Thumper?
I still have a Front fender to replace (all conforming to Australian standards this time) and then I’ll take a look at the bike’s seat. Might get a lower one…pretty expensive though.
Might be getting one of these:
And off course Mr Skellington will have to be put back on his thrown.

From Disaster report to Grayskull in 2 minutes

How to turn a discussion from a video game to absolute rubbish in under 2 minutes. Not that I think Skeletor and Steven Seagal is rubbish…just saying.

TvZ: this game actually looked OK. something different
Nelson Muntz: well apparently there’s already 3 games in the series out..
Nelson Muntz: though doesn’t tell me much about the game, except there’s an earthquake at the beginning
TvZ: oh right, there are a few clips of it on the net
TvZ: there was a trailer a while back
TvZ: stupid 3d
Nelson Muntz: cool graphics… it looks like an open world exploration game
TvZ: yip. And something different from the usual shooters.
Nelson Muntz: probably not for sale in Australia though
TvZ: not that I would understand it anyway
Nelson Muntz: you don’t understand Japanese?  Thought you know all about it since sushi is your favourite cuisine
TvZ: All I know is that the Japanese are minions of Skeletor who is a level above He-Man. But they all bow before me. So I see them as inferior beings that make good games
Nelson Muntz: so who’s on top of Skeletor?
TvZ: I think Steven Seagal, but ultimately I’m on top of the ladder anyway. So the order of the lesser beings don’t really count
Nelson Muntz: we all know you’re second in the ladder..
TvZ: two whom?
Nelson Muntz: Pink Minion got you by the balls…
Nelson Muntz: careful now, she might rip it if you say the wrong thing…
TvZ: HA! You might think so, but ultimately I have the power of Grayskull!
Nelson Muntz: but not the balls of Grayskull..
TvZ: nah, larger ones

The mighty chicken army!

Nelson Muntz: the place opposite makes the best coffee..
TvZ: yep
TvZ: wait, opposite what?
TvZ: hell?
TvZ: the other side of the road and that is why the chicken tried to cross it?
Nelson Muntz: are you the chicken? If so, yes, it is..
TvZ: I am no Chicken!!! they are part of my army though!
TvZ: all will fear the mighty chicken army!
Nelson Muntz: do i dare look?
Nelson Muntz: wtf? there’s a paypal make a donation button?
Nelson Muntz: more importantly, WHY THE FUCK do you know that website? haha
TvZ: Did I not say that I am the king and emperor! See how the tigers cower in fear of the chicken army!
TvZ: smart buggers
Nelson Muntz:
TvZ: Yep. The Colonel is one of my sworn enemies. Trying to over throw my plans of world domination
Nelson Muntz: thought so.. He’s winning?
TvZ: only because of the Americans!
Nelson Muntz: but your armyyyy … is sooooooooooooo tasty………
TvZ: don’t start! You under estimate the power of the chicken. “I find your lack of faith disturbing” to quote a misunderstood genius.
TvZ: Ever wondered what the secret ingredients are?
TvZ: Mind control poison!
Nelson Muntz: see.. this is where you’re going wrong.. the dude has access to mind control poison at a cheap enough price to inject into 2.95 pieces of chicken… you need to change your supplier..
TvZ: I don’t need a supplier. The come to me and offer their supplies for free. This just shows how low the Colonel will sink to over throw my army
TvZ: a proper representation:

Nelson Muntz: haha
TvZ: But I have the propaganda ball on the roll:

Nelson Muntz: soo tasttyyyyy..
TvZ: Be carefull, I have mercenaries ready to take people out eating KFC:

Nelson Muntz: safe?
TvZ: yeah, red rooster/nandos and oporto are all safe. They are the traitor chickens that examples were/are made of. Also some of the stuff there are not real chickens.

Mario’s response to PETA

Absolutely brilliant and fits well to my discussion I had with Nelson Muntz in PETA vs Mario

From the original source:

Pearls have shown me the way

Mmm…looks like an easy enough explanation:

Who is the master?

Seagul vs Snipes…

This might be bigger than the Batman vs Superman or the Bruce Lee vs Jet Li.

George Sand: I’m so tired this morning…watched stupid under siege 2 last night
TvZ: it is good!
TvZ: not stupid!
TvZ: Seagal is the master!

Under Siege 2
George Sand: the movie didn’t age well not as good as the first one and there were one or two scenes that made me just cringe
TvZ: I will not hear this blasphemy!
George Sand: ooops
TvZ: talking of actors with martial arts experience. Read up on Wesley Snipes:
Snipes has been training in martial arts since age 12, earning a high ranking 5th dan black belt in Shotokan Karate and 2nd dan black belt in Hapkido.[1] He has also trained as a student of Capoeira[1] under Mestre Jelon Vieira and in a number of other disciplines including various styles of kung fu[2] and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Pretty sure he might survive prison
George Sand: 🙂 yea I love watching him move in the blade movies and he is better looking than Seagal 😉

Wesley Snipes
TvZ: but Seagal will kick his better looking ass!
George Sand: really…you think!

Steven Seagal
TvZ: hell yeah! And remember the good guy always wins. With Seagal now a deputy sheriff and Snipes a criminal…odds are against old Wesley…

Steven Seagal Lawman
George Sand: 😦
TvZ: no use crying about it


Steven Seagal WIN

PETA vs Mario

So PETA is on Mario’s case. Yip. The guy jumping around in sewer pipes.

So apparently Mario is an animal hater that rips the fur of raccoons and fly around with it. Here is the article from Kotaku ( that started the following conversation:

Nelson Muntz:
TvZ: brilliant, not complaining about jumping on turtles, eating shrooms and sterio typing Italians?
Nelson Muntz: yeah..
 Nelson Muntz: mushrooms are fine..
 Nelson Muntz: turtles…hmmm..
TvZ: not any mushrooms
TvZ: those causing hallucinations and making you think you are bigger and stronger
 TvZ: how about mistreating siblings
 TvZ: or jumping on and riding lizards?
 Nelson Muntz: or throwing fireballs at animals..
 TvZ: yip. as if bush fire dangers are not bad enough
TvZ: I just played the racoon hunting mario game. pretty gruesome. but funny
TvZ: do think they should make it easier to catch mario and beat the crap out of him to make a point
 Nelson Muntz: lol
Nelson Muntz: they should skin mario eh?
TvZ: now you just loose and shows that it is difficult
TvZ: to catch poachers

Thumper’s setback

This weekend was not Thumper’s best.

Setback 1:

I took thumper in its current bobber state to get inspected for rego purposes. When I got to the Car inspection centre in Eastgate Shopping centre car park, the guy came out immediately….

He looked at the bike once and said, what can I do for you? So I responded, well I would like to get my bike inspected for rego please. (yes, I even said please…)

“Not going to touch this bike mate…”…????….”The back fender should be all the way down and the plate should be at a downward angle. I’m giving you a heads up, you will get a defect notice by police. I’m not even sure how you have this bike on the road”


So I rode off.

Now I know what he was talking about. In fact, this was always an issue I thought might come up. So I went home pretty negative.

I spent a few hours the Saturday to replace the stock rear fender, seat, lights etc. Undoing all the hard work I put in over a few weekends.

Setback 2:

Since I knew the guy at the inspection centre will look for something if I just came back the following week, I thought I’d address any other issues he might have. The last being the loud pipes on the bike….fine…

So the Sunday afternoon I backed the bike back under the spot light and started taking the exhaust system off…nice…first pipe came off easy and I replaced it with a stock pipe. Had to do a bit of a custom job on the fitting as I didn’t have the original nut to go with the bolt, but it was fitted and fastened. The second pipe started ok, un screwed the bottom bolts and started on the stubs that fixed the exhaust system to the engine block. First one unlocked and I undid it about 2mm. The next one was hard…I tried to turn it, didn’t budge. Then added a bit of leverage and it started going, but didn’t loosen up. This all pointed to bolt threads…After about 7mm…snap….hex nut snapped off taking a good chunk of the bolt/stub with it….I sat there looking at the broken stub…no words…

So this morning I phoned up Action motorcycles in the CBD…nope, they don’t work on Kawasaki motorcycles. Same guys that told me last time they didn’t work on Triumphs. (starting to wonder if they work on any bikes). Next stop, phoned Sydney City Motorcycles and they said they can take a look at the bike. If they are able to fix it, I’ll also be getting a major service (get all kinks fixed up) and rego inspection.

This is going to end up costing me a lot more than the originally estimated $26 for inspection.