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Perception vs Reality : Hackers

We’ve all seen the movies right! In Swordfish the uber jock hacker would help a counter-terroris team steal money from the evil government. I watched it for Halle Berry’s boobies!

In the movie Hackers, Johhny Lee Miller takes on a mega-mind criminal with the help of Angelina Jolie (note the booby scene).

With all these big names behind hackers, they must be pretty damn cool right:



They are not cool, infact they might just be a buch of kids who’ve learnt how to use a DoS application from an internet cafe. Thy drink their 7-up and laugh as they make other’s lifes miserable.


You are damn right that I’m still not over the fact that someone hacked into Sony and deprived me of online slaughter and mayhem for over a month!

I’ll go sulk in the corner now

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