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Mario and his shrooms

I discovered (read rediscovered) Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time. It is pretty good and I enjoy the animations he puts into his comics. Then I came accross this one:

I passed it on to Crackhead McDopehead. He is not as chatty and insightful as Nelson Muntz and the second conversation I had with him so I thought I’d share a few things I picked up.

(12:37:50 PM) TvZ:
(12:38:45 PM) Crackhead McDopehead: unfortunately there’s no blocks i can headbutt which spew out coins
(12:38:53 PM) TvZ: I finally get super mario!
(12:39:00 PM) TvZ: it’s not about what makes you happy
(12:39:37 PM) TvZ: it is about a plumber down in the dumps because he works on toilets the whole day. so he eats some shrooms and starts “dreaming”
(12:40:14 PM) Crackhead McDopehead: that’s pretty deep
(12:40:19 PM) TvZ: the good shrooms though
(12:40:20 PM) TvZ: as in hallucinogens
(12:40:31 PM) Crackhead McDopehead: pity all his wet dreams = princess is in the other castle
(12:40:38 PM) TvZ: exactly
(12:40:52 PM) TvZ: where will a plumber ever get a princess
(12:40:55 PM) TvZ: seriously
(12:41:00 PM) TvZ: who thought this shit up
(12:41:05 PM) TvZ: must have been on shrooms as well
(12:41:14 PM) Crackhead McDopehead: most likely


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