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What happens when

One of my friends posted a question regarding the essence that would make up the meaning of life. I thought I’d share that question with Nelson Muntz:

(1:49:30 PM) TvZ: where’s a question for you:
What happens when Pinocchio says, ‘My nose will grow now’?
(2:18:03 PM) Nelson Muntz: his nose explodes from the confusion
(2:18:22 PM) TvZ: yip. my thought was null pointer exception or devision by zero error
(2:36:37 PM) TvZ: GOT IT!
(2:37:03 PM) TvZ: He becomes a undead-half-boy-half-wood
(2:39:19 PM) Nelson Muntz: lol what?

(2:39:42 PM) TvZ:


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