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Hitting with a what?

Conversations tend to switch topic quite quickly as I get easily bored.

This is a recent conversation I had with someone.

I’ve cut out the last bit for obvious reasons.

Crackhead McDopehead:
TvZ: Call it BS. That is just a kid with a book. She actually handles the book better than the iPad. the fact that she turns pages shows it is pretty normal
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah
Crackhead McDopehead: it’s not like the kid knows what she’s doing with the ipad
Crackhead McDopehead: just random colours moving around for her
Crackhead McDopehead: but i’ve been recommended that videos like 3-4 times already
TvZ: really….that is sad friends you have then
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah, they are all rude bastards
Crackhead McDopehead:, need sound, probably better when no one is watching behind you…
TvZ: she is pretty insane
TvZ: I struggle with one instrument
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah
Crackhead McDopehead: the song she was playing was made famous by this group of 12 girls playing classical instruments to modern music..
Crackhead McDopehead: she did it by playing it alone.
TvZ: what do you mean the song was made famous by 12 girls playing classical music?
TvZ: Most parts of it was classical music
TvZ: so made famous by the dude who wrote it
Crackhead McDopehead: to the my culture 🙂
TvZ: ah right
Crackhead McDopehead: we are not cultured to classical music 🙂
TvZ: pfft…get up to speed with the times ..geez
TvZ: welcome to the 18th century
Crackhead McDopehead: slow down
TvZ: knew I knew the original
TvZ: Mozart, Symphony no 40. written in 1788
Crackhead McDopehead: ah.. that dude
TvZ: that one
TvZ: minus the electronic keyboard and the thingy with too many strings
Crackhead McDopehead: he’s shit, that other guy was better
TvZ: beethoven?
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah, that dude that can’t hear…
TvZ: well both can’t hear a thing since they are both dead
TvZ: makes it rather difficult
Crackhead McDopehead: sh!t.. had no idea
TvZ: yip. They are pretty inferior to me, not being able to live past 200 years…pfft
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah, but no one wants to listen to the music you create..
Crackhead McDopehead: it involves bed creaking and (add person you don’t like) screaming..
TvZ: you are thinking way too much about  (add person you don’t like)…. a bit scary too say the least.  You must be missing (add person you don’t like)
Crackhead McDopehead: yeah, can’t wait to see  (add person you don’t like) so I can hit  (add person you don’t like) with a baseball bat
TvZ: so that is what you call your penis…never knew…
Crackhead McDopehead: sorry, didn’t realise hitting  (add person you don’t like) = using a penis in your dictionary.. but hey, i’m not judging..
TvZ: I’m just applying what I know of your relationship with (add person you don’t like) to the conversation, that is all
Crackhead McDopehead: ah.. i forgot, you’re the one getting hit in your relationship with  (add person you don’t like)
TvZ: anyway, I don’t use my penis in my dictionary, weird fetishes you have
Crackhead McDopehead: mate, dictionary …… *moderator putting an end to this rubbish*

So you can see…well….there must be a moral to this story….

Never close a big dictionary on your penis while trying to play multiple instruments, since that is what happens when you learn to use iPads at a too young an age.


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