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Gamers or To Play Games

The Kotaku article I Am No Longer A Gamer talks about how people are classified and tagged and how perceptions should change.

I had to add a comment to it (my comments to articles usually are without proof and makes no sense):

People call me different things depending on my actions.
When facebook updates show I played games, I’m called a gamer.
When I go to the gym at lunch time, I’m called a gym freak.
When I drink a protein shake, I’m called a roids user.
When I order a controller board and electronics, I’m called a geek.
Fuck’em, I call myself superior and emperor, as soon as others realise this, we’ll get a long better.

This actually makes perfect sense in my mind.

I can code in about 4 different languages, I “talkith” two almost fluently, I can bench press 110kg and I can build a robot from schematics.

Every thing I/you do has a word or some tag linked to it. Hell, even a blog post has tags, because they have to be grouped. I tend not to give a shit about that. I talk to people who interest me (not a lot out there), not because they are “tagged” as a gamer, gym junky etc, but because they have something to say that I’m interested in listening to. Talking to “only a gamer” can get frustrating as trying to get rid of dog shit from under a boot. Talking to some one who exercise for a living is as intellectual as talking to a nail about the perfect angle to penetrate wood.

Tags are for people who don’t understand others.


4 responses to “Gamers or To Play Games

  1. Tamara November 29, 2011 at 9:36 am

    I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!

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