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Why Children Start Drinking

One of the most common problems here in Australia is under aged drinking. Children getting drunk… So I wondered and pondered and pondered and wondered what could be the cause of this? I think I found the answer. It is the Government!

Now I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists that believes the Government covers up everything… In fact, I believe the Australian government is opposed to covering up. To be fair it is actually just Tony Abbot that runs around in swimwear that is way to tight.

Anyway, I digress. I remember when I was younger, we played outside…played with sticks, built bows and shoot poorly formed arrows. etc etc. So to relive my younger years, I decided to build something I loved. A slingshot. What is that I hear you ask…Let’s ask Mr Google:

But wait…am I allowed?

No…I’m not….

According to the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 No 127, Schedule 1 Prohibited weapons,(Section 4 (1)):

(6) A slingshot (being a device consisting of an elasticised band secured to the forks of a “Y” shaped frame), other than a home-made slingshot for use by a child in the course of play.


What else is there on that list that is just ridiculous?

(8) A blow-gun or blow-pipe that is capable of projecting a dart, or any other device that consists of a pipe or tube through which missiles in the form of a dart are capable of being projected by the exhaled breath of the user or by any other means other than an explosive.

Ok that is it. We’ve just made a weapon out of the tube and a pipe.

I’m going to go with some extreme examples here.

Let’s say Tubby stole Johnny’s lunch box. Johnny has had enough and decide it is time for sweet revenge. He grabs a ballpoint pen and stabs Tubby in the eye!

Pen stabbing

That’s ok…it was an accident and Johnny should just get some counselling for what he has seen.

tubby dead

The second scenario is more realistic in what Johnny will do. He’ll remove the pen’s inside and shoot a spit ball at Tubby. But hold on. he just created a  blow pipe!

spit ball

Johnny get’s sent to the juvenile correctional services for assault with a prohibited weapon. Nice!

So back to the slingshot. I use to make tonnes of these. Even from curtain rufflettes. YES I know what a rufflette is!

This is a basic picture of a rufflette:

Here is one converted to a slingshot (prohibited weapon):

Deadly weapon? not quite.

So how this all comes back to children drinking….well…what else are they supposed to do?

They aren’t allowed to make wooden swords :

(17) A side-handled baton or any other similar article consisting of a baton, staff or rod that is made of any hard substance and has fitted to one side a handle, whether or not that handle is permanently fixed.

Maybe all of the above is a little drastic….but true isn’t it. I haven’t lost an eye after making numerous slingshots, blow pipes, knives and a sword. That’s right, I made my own knives and a one meter long sword back in South Africa (where no one cares). I taught myself how to throw knives at 14. And haven’t killed anyone.

So here is a little something to leave you with:

build something?


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